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Leather Spiked Dog Collar


Leather Spiked Dog Collar

S33S - Leather Spiked Dog Collar 30



Wide Leather Spiked Dog Collar Hand Crafted by www.Pitbull-breed.com Professionals



Spiked pitbull collar Spiked pitbull collar

Spiked pitbull collar Spiked pitbull collar

Spiked pitbull collar Spiked pitbull collar


This collar will fit dogs with neck size 19 inch and up to 23 inch (49 cm - 61 cm)

This Collar Is Wide - Almost 1 1/4 Inch - Which Makes It Perfect Tool For Handling Medium And Active Breeds

This Leather Collar Is Made With Full Row Of Symmetrical Proportional Spikes That Help Bring Out The Beauty Of This Hand Crafted Creation. We Use Only Heavy Nickel Hardware, 1/2" Solid Steel Nickel-Plated Spikes - This Is Guarantee That It Will Not Rust Ever !

Available In Brown , Black and Tan Very Strong and Thick Perfectly Oiled and Selected Leather


Buy this Leather Spiked Dog Collar now - $27.40



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