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What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and it's a convenient way to keep up with your favorite news and information. Using RSS, you can gather new content from a variety of sites and view it all in one convenient location. To view RSS content you need an RSS newsreader (also called an aggregator) such as MyYahoo!


What are RSS readers?

RSS newsreaders are web-based services or software programs that aggregate your RSS feeds and display them in one central location.


Where can I get an RSS reader?*

Examples include MyYahoo, Google Reader and FeedReader, among many others. Some readers are web-based, others are small software programs. Most are free."


How do I use these feeds?

The first step is to choose an RSS reader. Each reader has a slightly different way of adding feeds.

To add Purina feeds to your MyYahoo! page, just click the MyYahoo! button next to the feed that interests you.

To add Purina feeds to other RSS readers, click the small XML button next to the feed that interests you. This will bring up a page of XML code. Copy the URL in your browser's address bar and paste it into the "Add new channel" section of your reader. That should do it! The feed should display immediately and update automatically.


How often are Purina RSS feeds


The Purina RSS feeds vary in terms of how often they are updated. Some may be updated weekly, others less often.


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