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Afghan Hound



About the Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound, also known as the Tazi and Baluchi Hound, was originally used as a large game hunting dog and a flock guard. It was created for its distinct look rather the purpose it was to serve. Today the Afghan Hound is used mainly as a companion and guarding dog.

The Afghan Hound Temperment and Intelligence

Afghan Hounds are very loving, affectionate and sweet-tempered dogs. They are very responsive to calm talking and commands. They carry themselves very elegantly and with grace. Though they are somewhat aloof, they are a bit standoffish with strangers. These dogs crave affection and attention from their families and can be trained to tolerate children, though they do best with older children. Housebreaking this breed can be an arduous task but it is possible with time and effort put into the dogs.

Afghan Hound Characteristics

The Afghan Hound has a distinct appearance that easily separates them from other breeds. This dog has a very thin and long face that sticks out like a duck’s bill. Their dark eyes are almond shaped, their ears are very long with flowing hair covering them and their nose is long, pointed, and black. They have a very unique tail that is very thin with short flowing hair and a curl at the tip. Their legs are long and straight and as with the rest of their body, covered in flowing fur to the tips of their toes. The front legs are straight which connect to their large paws with well arched toes. Any color of fur is acceptable on this dog.

Afghan Hound Health Concerns

Although this breed does not have many known health problems, they are hypersensitive to pain. Even simple, common injuries can cause them great discomfort.

Choosing an Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is not meant to live in apartments because of their energetic lives. Though they are not very active indoors, they require at least half an hour a day of free space to run and play without restrictions. They also need long daily walks to keep their muscles and mind stimulated. These dogs require a lot of obedience training and would be best suited for an expert dog owner.










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